With Heart Full Of Love

A Spark In The Dark

There’s no more difficult situation than a Yid at his lowest point. Imagine one is left alone in a hospital or in prison with no hope!.


see it to believe it

see it to believe it

the art of

the art of

giving love

The support that Lecheiris provides is truly priceless. Every Jew deserve to feel cared for and noticed. Lecheiris makes sure every Jew is loved.

giving time

Our volunteers are there 24/7 for other Jews around the world, through Shabbosim and Yomim Tovim. They’re relentless in their dedication to Lecheiris.

giving life

When Lecheiris comes into the picture, people in their darkest times begin to feel hope and we bring smiles to their faces.

Touched by A Story

i am 58 years old...
i got bar mitzva just last month i had to do it in english

This is just one of many inspiring stories we hear every day at Lecheiris.

Bringing Light Creating Hope

Bringing Light Creating Hope



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Rabbi Shauly Roth

Founder of Lecheiris

our work inspires smiles

The Face Behind Our Success

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