Behind the Bars

Caring about Every single Brother

Bringing you everything you need from Kosher food to entertainment, or even just a friendly smile and a kind word; no Jew will be forgotten.

Behind the Bars there’s a Jewish Soul that needs life

It’s Lecheiris call to fill these Jewish hearts with Love and Life
Inmate visits

Lecheiris goes down every week to different correctional facilities, to visit our dear brothers and sisters. 

Packages and religion supply

Sending out packages with food and whatever inmate request.

Driving family

Lecheiris is there to assist a patient by his appointments. They also arrange transportation for family members that have someone sitting in jail.

Settling Down

When a prisoner is released, Lecheiris makes sure that they have a home, job, and food to eat.

It isn’t just a visit, it isn’t just a moment, it’s something they remember for life. Imagine what’s it’s like to know that in your darkest time Lecheiris is there to shine the light.

There are times when Jews are convicted of crimes R”L, something like that for any jew can be really traumatic. Feeling excommunicated from the world, from their community in the most shameful way. It’s hard to even fathom the feeling of the brokenness of the people and their families, besides the burden now placed on these families. Almost compared to a powerful wave of darkness just swept over their lives, leaving them in despair.

While everyone prays for such families there’s only one group that actually takes on their burden and really feels their pain. They provide Torah learning, spiritual guidance and provide them with tefillin etc. Having a loving friend by their side always considering about their well being, never feeling alone.

It is to these Jews that Lecheiris provides chizuk...

Regularly Lecheiris Receives such letters

Knowing of the light that Lecheiris brings to inmates, they have been reached out from many different inmates and multiple prisons.

Deliver Letters of Chizuk

Lecheiris sends letters to our dear brothers and sisters in jail, to give them strength and chizuk for their everyday.


There’s no better way to join Lecheiris and what they do than becoming a volunteer. The fulfillment of doing this work is unimaginable. There are openings please show some love and join today!


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