Never Alone

On July 27, Lecheiris gets a phone call. It is a father from Lakewood, he would like some volunteers for his son in that is in the hospital. It was late in the day, so no one was available to go. Shauly has a very nice custom, he calls every Friday, the people that called him throughout the week.

He asks them how the week was, and if they are settled for Shabbos. When he called this father and asked him if he is settled for Shabbos, the father said I can use a volunteer for my son. Please, please I would really appreciate it. Shauly went to spend his Shabbos with the patient in the hospital. He started connecting with the patient after spending over 30 hours together. They exchanged cell phone numbers, so the patient can be in contact for whenever he wants a volunteer.

After a while, the patient had to be transferred from Cornell Hospital to a Rehab in Lakewood. The day of the transfer the patient called Sauly that it is 12 o’clock and my transfer is at 4 o’clock. I am gonna need some help.

While they were on the phone, Shauly was on the way home from Williamsburg to Boro Park. Whenever he goes somewhere he always takes along people that need a ride. The person next to him jumps up and asks,” Akiva, is that you?” Yes, Dad. What are you doing there?” Shauly and the father were touched by the yad Hashem. The father came all the way from Lakewood to Williamsburg and had to go to Boro Park, and he met Shauly in person

He told Shauly, on Friday my son called me to say Good Shabbos. He told me tatty let’s face fact. I am being here all alone in the hospital for Shabbos. It is gonna be a very depressing Shabbos for me. When the father finished the phone call he burst into tears.

Here I am all alone, my wife passed away two years ago, and my son is gonna be spending the Shabbos all by himself in the hospital. Five minutes later you called me if I want a volunteer for Shabbos. Hashem just knows when the right time is for everything.

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