In the hospital

Caring just like Family

Bringing you everything you need from Kosher food to entertainment, or even just a friendly smile and a kind word; no Jew will be forgotten.

Caring is our Profession

Keeping an eye out for those alone in their darkest time is our mission
Staying with patients over day/night/shabbos

No matter what day of the week and how many hours Lecheiris is always ready to stay with a patient in need.

Hospital assistance (for people without family)

When the patient has no family Lecheiris becomes one. Should it be taking care of transfer, talking to doctors, legal guardian Lecheiris is there to help.

Food and prizes (special orders)

Whatever the patient needs, should it be food or for a little kid a toy Lecheiris will make sure he gets it.


Lecheiris brings a smile on the patients faces by entertaining them with kumzitz parties and all

It isn’t just a visit, it isn’t just a moment, it’s something they remember for life. Imagine what’s it’s like to know that in your darkest time Lecheiris is there to shine the light.

Coming to a hospital you can see many things, people who are ill or worse. When someone feels alone, there’s no worse feeling than that. Here in the hospitals so many of them are in devastating situations, while there are those that have it even worse where they go through it without families to support them, do it all alone. As soon as Lecheiris hears about a jew, things start to change. At this moment they get a new family.

Lecheiris is always there for every jew, bringing hope and some feeling towards a positive future. Volunteers are there Day & Night, and Shabbos providing hospital assistance for those without families. All of this goes with out saying from care and support to all types of entertainment such as food and prizes.

Help us to continue bringing life to all jews in the world

65th Surgery

Lecheiris originally started out for our dear brothers and sisters that are behind bars. Until, year of 2015.

One of our dear volunteer’s cousin was coming from London for treatments. This adorable innocent 15 year old boy, wasn’t capable of walking. He needed assistant with everything. His cousin asked if we could help him out. Lecheiris never says ‘NO’. No matter the case we always go. The family arrived after a long flight to New York, were a full eager to help Lecheiris team was waiting for them, with open arms.

Lecheiris did everything they could, to make this long and hard journey a little easier. They took this adorable boy on trips, and entertained him throughout the long days. His parents were able to do their things, knowing their beloved son is in good hands.

The boy became very close with his new Lecheiris friends. They became like family to him, since he had no one else in New York. After going through his 64th surgery in New York, the parents were referred to a doctor in Cleveland, Ohio. That is eight hours away from New York.

Our dear volunteers went along to Cleveland. This would be his 65th surgery. He really had neither strength nor courage to go through yet another surgery and not knowing if it will help him for sure.

The volunteers were a great shoulder for him to lean on. They reassured him , we will be there for you. We will make sure people will daven for you and with Hashem’s help this surgery will be a great success.

He went into surgery knowing that his family and Lecheiris friends and all of klal yisroel are davening for him.

B”H the surgery was a success. The boy and his family said, “Thanks to Lecheiris for always being there for us.”  If not Lecheiris he wouldn’t have done the surgery and wouldn’t be walking.


There’s no better way to join Lecheiris and what they do than becoming a volunteer. The fulfillment of doing this work is unimaginable. There are openings please show some love and join today!


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