Lecheiris is the Solution

Caring about Every single Jew

Bringing you everything you need from Kosher food to entertainment, or even just a friendly smile and a kind word; no Jew will be forgotten.

Lecheiris is here for you with helping hands

Within any situation and an extra pair of hands is needed Lecheiris is here with a full manpower

Natural Disaster

When a hurricane, tsunami, or an earthquake strikes, Lecheiris drives all the way to the location and helps out with a full manpower.


Finally released from the hospital after a car accident. There is no car, and you don't have anything with you but there's Lecheiris to drive you to your car to take your stuff and drive you home safely.

No Others

When your lost and don't know what to do, and there is no one to help you out, there is us. A full and eager to help Lecheiris team available 24/7

When a hurricane, tsunami, or an earthquake strikes people stay with no home nor possessions. Stores don’t sell food because everything got destroyed. Who is there to help?
When someone has a car accident, and the people were BH released from the hospital, they have no car and their belongings stayed behind in the car. Who is there to help?

When there is no one to help, with bringing food and taking care of people in a natural disaster, or taking the people from the hospital to their car to pick up their stuff and drive them home, we are here.
Lecheiris is here for you with a team of over 250 volunteers always willing to help out with a strong man power.


There’s no better way to join Lecheiris and what they do than becoming a volunteer. The fulfillment of doing this work is unimaginable. There are openings please show some love and join today!


Support Us

Can’t volunteer? No problem! There are so many ways that you can help out please click the button below and, we’ll show you all the possibilities!



All donations go directly to Lecheiris organization. As we hope you see what we do, we would love to continue our work. In order to make that happen, we ask you to please donate as you can to help bring life to the many Jews around the world.