Where the care continues on

Caring always even at home 

Bringing you everything you need from Kosher food to entertainment, or even just a friendly smile and a kind word; no Jew will be forgotten.

Literally at Every Step

Lecheiris is everywhere from the Prison to the Hospital and even at Home
Parents are not home

When parents are not home Lecheiris takes the home into their own hands, they make sure everything is taken care of. 

Taking out sick children

A child needs to see a bit of sunshine Lecheiris is there to help with that, by taking out the patient for a little.


Lecheiris is there to assist a patient by his appointments.

It is very hard when just one family member is sick, or not home. The parents’ heads are not there to do their regular duties of the home. Older kids stay home from school to watch the younger ones, laundry and supper aren’t getting done regularly. Kids start misbehaving and taking advantage of the situation on hand.

When the patient is home, he has to continue therapy, doctors appointments, etc. They need help in and out of the car and help with the car ride.
Lecheiris is here from beginning to end. Keeping the house in order and making sure everything is taken care of with the patient.

Moved in

A mother, wife called the Lecheiris office one day, all distressed. Her husband had a terrible car accident. He is in Newark hospital where there is no kosher food seller in the area. Its right after Pesach, she has to send back the kids to school, go shopping for the upcoming season, and take care of her kids. She would really appreciate an extra pair of hands.

Lecheiris sent down a volunteer to check out the situation. He arrived to the home of the family. He couldn’t believe what he saw. Six young kids, two special need kids, with a mother that’s trying to juggle it all. Lecheiris rolled up their sleeves and got to work right away. They did whatever was needed to be done. If a child needed to go to the doctor, or missed the bus to school they were there for them.  Shabbos Lecheiris had some devoted volunteers that stayed with the father in the hospital, so the mother could go home to rest up, and spend some time being with her kids.

In the hospital the volunteers made sure the patient is comfortable and has everything. After Shabbos she asked him how is Shabbos was. He couldn’t stop talking what a nice Shabbos he had, and how the volunteers made sure that everything was okay.

The next few weeks when she left the hospital, she left very calmly. She knew her husband is in the great hands of Lecheiris. The volunteers do the best possible to make sure everything is okay, and the patient is fine. 

Finally, after a long hospital stay, he was being discharged. But, he would need a lot of help at home, someone to take him to the appointments since he couldn’t walk yet. Someone needed to take care of the kids and the house, making sure it wasn’t too noisy for him.

Four weeks later, was shavous. The family couldn’t thank hashem enough that their father is home with them for yom tov. While everyone sat around the table during the meal, and the mother was serving the delicious food, she fell. She was rushed into the hospital, were they took x-rays of her leg. The doctor came to tell her the sad news, that her leg is broken.

Now at home, both parents were bed-ridden. What are we doing next? Who is gonna take care of the kids? Who is gonna drop off the little one to playgroup? They asked each other. Two volunteers jumped right in. They told their families about the situation. They had a great idea of moving into this family’s house, in the basement. They took care of them like their own family, being there for them all day and night. The family feels like they have a new extended family ’Lecheiris.’ If not for Lecheiris the family wouldn’t be able to go on with life and wear a smile every single day.


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