Every step of the way

Always on the Go

Bringing you everything you need from Kosher food to entertainment, or even just a friendly smile and a kind word; no Jew will be forgotten.

An organization that has morphed into a powerhouse of chesed!

Lecheiris has grown from a small organization based on prison visits, to an organization that’s always here for you.

How we help

Lecheiris service meets the unique emotional, social, and financial needs for families, and individuals living with illnesses, inmates, and unstable homes.
From the start, Lecheiris’s professional and trained, compassionate volunteers step in to help restore equilibrium and bring joy and hope back into lives devastated by the situation on hand.


  • Prisons
  • Hospitals
  • Family Support 
  • Helping Hands i.e. Car Accidents R”L

Hours of Operation

  • Day
  • Night
  • Shabbos 
  • Yom Tov
  • Lecheiris never says ‘No’, whatever the case we always go.


  • Visits 
  • Entertainment
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Supply 

Where we do it

  • United States
  • Israel
  • United Kingdom

Our Dedicated Volunteers

Our UK Branch

Our US Branch

It’s their Love for a brother that makes these things so special.

From the beginning, all the volunteers at Lecheiris are fully dedicated and prepared for the most sensitive of situations. Offering closeness and care for each of those in times is shown by all the ways in how we try to bring some smiles  to their faces.

Hospital assistance (for people without family)

Many people are without family, and sometimes people come to New York for treatment and they don’t know the language. Lecheiris is at their side, taking care of doctors, therapists and whatever else is needed.

Spiritual Guidance for Jews
in Prison

When Yom Tov is coming up, we at Lecheiris don’t forget about our dear brothers in prison. Lecheiris will make sure that they have everything for the upcoming Chag. From Machzorim to a Yom Tov package we have it covered.

Home Support for the Families

In times like these families are under a lot of stress, Lecheiris is always there to help. Lecheiris will do everything and anything to have the home under control. Taking kids to school, cooking supper and taking care of appointments.

Staying with Patients overnight/Shabbos

Had a long hard day in the hospital? Had a hard week staying at the bedside of a patient? You want a little rest and be home with the rest of the family? Lecheiris is here for you, with devoted volunteers willing to stay for Shabbos or overnight.


Lecheiris is here to bring a smile to those sad faces. We step right in with music, kumzitz, dancing, and parties.

Food and prizes (special orders)

Patients can be very picky about the food they want to eat, or the toys they want to play. Lecheiris will go out of their way, and make sure the patient gets what he needs and that he is happy.

Love what we do? Please show some love to your fellow Brothers in distress by Donating Today!

My kids and I were able to visit my husband more often in prison, only because of lecheiris. They drove me to the facility, and back home!

Leah H

Lecheiris made it possible for me to spend the Rosh Hashana with my kids, and peace of mind knowing my husband is taken care of in the hospital by lecheiris volunteers

Chany S

I was all alone by the bedside of my husband until Lecheiris stepped in. I knew they will cover everything for him, so I can have a good peaceful rest.

Shevy K
Our Mission

Bringing Hope To All Jews In Distress

Since its inception in 2013, Lecheiris has played a critical role, providing hope and relief for our brothers and sisters, support for their families and the means to survive.