65th Surgery

Lecheiris Originally Started For Our Dear Brothers And Sisters That Are Behind Bars. Until The Year Of 2015.

One of our dear volunteers had a cousin who was coming from London for treatments. This adorable innocent 15-year-old boy wasn’t capable of walking. He needed assistance with everything. His cousin asked if we could help him out. Lecheiris never says ‘NO’. No matter the case we always go. The family arrived in New York after a long flight and were so relieved to find a Lecheiris team waiting for them with open arms.

Lecheiris did everything they could, to make this long and hard journey a little easier. They took this adorable boy on trips and entertained him throughout the long days. His parents were able to do their own things, knowing their beloved son was in good hands. The boy became very close to his new Lecheiris friends. They became like family to him, since he had no one else in New York. After going through his 64th surgery in New York, the parents were referred to a doctor in Cleveland, Ohio – an eight-hour drive from New York. Our dear volunteers went along to Cleveland. This would be his 65thsurgery. He really had neither strength nor courage to go through yet another surgery not knowing for sure if it will help him.

The volunteers were a great shoulder for him to lean on. They reassured him, we will be there for you. We will make sure people will daven for you and with Hashem’s help, this surgery will be a great success. He went into surgery knowing that his family and Lecheiris friends and all of klal yisroel were davening for him.

B”H the surgery was a success. The boy and his family said thanks to Lecheiris for always being there for them. If not for Lecheiris he wouldn’t have done the surgery and wouldn’t be walking.

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